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“Red zones” in Sicily: a story of civic hacking

Note: this is a translation of an original piece published by Salvatore Fiandaca on the 10th April 2021. / Questa è una traduzione (più o meno letterale) di un articolo pubblicato da Salvatore Fiandaca il 10 aprile 2021. Thanks to Paola Chiara Masuzzo for translating it into English. If you live in Sicily and want to know if your city is currently red, i.e. under specific COVID-19 restrictions (Italy uses a colour coded schema), all you need to do is read 197 pages of PDF files published by the regional government. The official website of Sicily (Regione Siciliana) does not report any list of the cities currently red (which is the highest of the restrictions imposed): this information is trapped within a webpage that collects the so-called ‘ordinanze’ (we will refer to these documents as ‘decrees’ in the rest of […]

What do we know about the air quality in Palermo?

Some weeks ago we came across an EU publication about the urban life in 79 European cities . Among the surveyed cities was Palermo. The following graphic on page 50 attracted our interest. The graphic shows the proportion of people satisfied with public transport services and the quality of air in their city. For both indicators Palermo shows very low levels.   We became interested in what kind of air quality data are currently available in Palermo. The central agency which collects and publish information about air quality is RAP Palermo. According to their website the monitoring network in Palermo is build on ten stations. RAP Palermo collects data in five key pollutants (sulfur oxides (SO2), carbone dioxyde (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO2), ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM10)) 24 hours per day. The results are publish on their website as […]